Splitting of your Web Services order(s)

What is the migration about?

For aligning our web and email hosting services, we will split your Web Services orders into Single Domain Hosting and Business Email orders.


When will this split happen?

We will migrate these order(s) post 30th November 2018. You will receive an email notifying you of the new orders for your account.


How will this affect me?

You can continue using the orders like before, you do not have to change the name servers or the DNS records. However, you will now see two separate orders in your control panel which will include Single Domain Hosting and Business Email for the same domain name.

The plan details for the orders are:  

Hosting Plan Business Email
Disk Space (as per your existing plan) Open Exchange Email.
Unmetered Bandwidth 5 GB of disk quota per mailbox
Free SSL  


Will this migration affect my data?

No, your data will remain unaffected. This activity does not require any migration of data. You can access your emails and web files as is.  


How do I find the domain names for which the Web Services orders are split?

  1. From your control panel, click Products and select Web Hosting from the drop-down. Then click List/Search.
  2. You will see the Advanced Search Page.  Advanced Search
  3. In the Order Status option, select Deleted.
  4. Click Search to search for the deleted Web Services orders.

You will see a list of web services orders along with the associated domain names and order ids. You can make a note of these.


How will the renewals of the orders happen after the split?

After the split, you have to renew both the Single Domain Hosting and the Business Email orders individually within 30 days of the split.


Since you will be charged based on the number of email accounts you have on your business email package, we recommend you to check the number of unused email accounts and delete them before renewal.


What if I don’t renew the orders within 30 days?

Post-split, we recommend renewing the orders within 30 days. If you do not renew the orders, they will be suspended for the next 30 days, after which the order will be deleted from our system and you cannot restore them.


After the split, can I keep only one of the services?

Yes, you can choose to keep either Business Email or Single Domain Hosting or both the orders active depending on your requirements.