Get Details


Gets the details of an existing G Suite Order.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
order-id Integer Required The Order Id for which the details to be fetched.
options=used_account_count - Optional Get the number of used accounts.

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request


South East Asia & Egypt

Rest of the World


Returns a hash map containing details of the G Suite Order as below:

  • Order Id (entityid)

  • Order Description (description)

  • Domain Name (domainname)

  • Current Order Status under the System (currentstatus) - value will be InActive, Active, Suspended, Pending Delete Restorable, Deleted or Archived

  • Product Category (productcategory)

  • Product Key (productkey)

  • Order Creation Date (creationtime)

  • Expiry Date (endtime)

  • Whether Order belongs to a Customer directly under the Reseller (isImmediateReseller)

  • Reseller Chain by Reseller Id (parentkey)

  • Customer Id Associated with the Order (customerid)

  • Number of Email Accounts (emailaccounts)

  • Whether Order Suspended due to Expiry (isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry)

  • Whether Order Suspended by Parent Reseller (orderSuspendedByParent)

  • Whether Auto-Renewal is enabled (recurring)

  • Whether Order Deletion is Allowed (allowdeletion)

  • Number of Accounts Created or Used for the order. (used_account_count)